Crazy Month for a Crazy Writer


Grammy and her littles

Sometimes when you pray so hard for the Lord to hit someone you love over the head with a “spiritual 2×4,” you never expect that board to whip back around and smack you upside the head. Which is what happened. Needless to say, I am now the guardian of an adorable almost 4 year old, whose biggest questions of the day are, “WHY?” and “WHAT?” I thought I was the one with the inquisitive mind and the hard of hearing problems. Perhaps it runs in the family.

This adorable little man has consumed my time and energy. I don’t begrudge it at all, but it sure has thrown my life into the crazy cycle.
I was supposed to have had my third book in to my editor on April 24. That didn’t happen. I hadn’t even finished it at that point. After I finally completed it about ten days ago, it was among the most horrible writing I’d ever done. Hemmingway was right. “The first draft of anything is $^&*.”

I put it aside and am letting it percolate for a bit. In the meantime, little man goes to preschool three days a week, and I get to write two of those days. Cub scouts takes up the other one. That means, of course, that I have to cram my writing time into those two days and during naps.

On a happy note, little man is almost potty-trained! I am half way through writing book 4 and ready to dive back into revisions of book 3 and book 5 is another Hemmingway first draft. Guess that just leaves book 6 in this series. I may just reach my goal by the end of the year yet.

I can do hard things! The easy ones, not so much. This is what happens when you leave them alone in front of the TV watching Moana with a baggie of goldfish crackers so Grammy can go to the bathroom. I thought I was safe.