What I Never Expected


Last year I had every intention of publishing my entire series. I meant to write a book every two months. That meant six books in my series. Then life happened.

This is what I never expected of last year:

We moved

I threw my back out (who wouldn’t after moving)

I got sick

I got sick again

I flew to Oklahoma

While in OK, my brother was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident (How do you write after that?)

I spent many weekends working on our property

I traveled

I traveled some more (You have to when your son graduates with honors from the AF)

I became involved in my dad’s failing health

I lost my dad due to his failing health

I planned his funeral (I admit I did have sibling help) How do you write after that?

I helped my siblings fix his house (it’s still not finished) so we can sell it

We traveled some more

But the thing that mostly keep me from publishing was actually not the time spent not writing, it was:


Yes, terror at the thought of self publishing. What if readers hate my work? What if nobody will even buy a copy. I could what if myself forever.
January 1 rolled around-as it does every year–imagine that. I was determined this year to publish. But I could not do it alone, because I was still “SKEERED.
So I called my amazing friend at Electric Scroll.


She helped me indie publish The Penny Project. I couldn’t ask for that much help again. So I asked if her company would be interested in publishing my series.

Ann Jenner dropped everything, hand delivered a contract for book one, The Captain and the Healer’s Heart
That’s insane, who does that? Sight unseen?
I signed the contract.
I have now signed three more contracts for the next books.
I told her I have two more book ideas. She sent the contracts for those last week!

That’s insane, who does that? **This is author angst speaking here**
She read, edited, and loved book one!
I don’t have a publish date as of yet. But I do have a book cover, it just needs a little tweaking.
Next blog post, I promise, you’ll get the reveal!

In the meantime let me tell you, that I have finished Book Two and am working on the revisions. They should be done by the beginning of next week.

I expect this year to be amazing!