Poetry Month


April is national poetry month. I am terrible at poetry. However I learned something amazing from my friend Angela Morrison. You can check out her books and such on her website.

Angela starts with a piece of prose, turns it into poetry and then back into prose from it’s poetic state. I decided I’d give it a try. Here is my example taken from my current work in progress. Tell me what you think.

First the Paragraph taken directly from my work in progress:
Something crackled near me, as if lightening had struck the tree. Brilliant lights danced before my eyes like tiny super-charged sparklers. Anthony’s arms wrapped around me. “Come back to me.”
I buried my face against his shoulder and took deep breaths. The searing pain had vanished.

Now the poetry form:
Crackling, nearby, close enough to touch.
Lightning in the trees,
Brilliant light dances before my eyes
Super-charges sparklers leaving halos on my retinas.
Anthony’s arms hold me tight
Nestling me like a comforter
“Come back to me.”
His shoulder firm, reassuring
Smells of Paco Rabanne
And I am here, wrapped in safety
Fleeting though it may be.
Gone is the searing pain.
Only him
And a dragon.

Here is the final draft:
Crackling split the air nearby, close enough for the sparks to dance before my eyes, like super-charged sparklers leaving halos on my retinas. Anthony’s arms held me tight, nestling me like a comforter. With my head pressed against his firm, reassuring shoulder, he smells of his cologne. For a fleeting moment I was safe, the searing pain–gone. In the silence that followed, it was him and me. And a dragon.

I like it much better. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but now the sentence is in a much better state.

This is how you can incorporate poetry into your writing and make your sentences sound more literary. Do you like to write poetry?