Building Characters


So writing wise, I’ve been really busy being grandma, directing shows and finishing up a couple of teaching jobs this year. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve written a play (and some of the music). I’m into the next show which is turning out to be a bigger challenge than I thought. And then my sweet little grandson ended up in the hospital (he’s dealing with leukemia), so I watched my grandchildren all week. Am I tired? That’s an understatement! But a new week starts on Monday and I’m taking a hard look at a book I wrote several years ago and trying to figure out how build stronger emotion in my main character.

So here’s my goal for Loretta (my main character). Ever action needs to have a reaction.

For instance:
When the bird snatches her mother’s pendant, what goes through her head? First she’s surprised, how does she react? What does she think? After her initial surprise, what does she think? Of course, she has to get it back–her mother will kill her if she doesn’t.

For each event, for each reaction from her best friend, from her weird discoveries, I need to create in Loretta a strong reaction so that we feel and care for her. So that the reader wants to keep reading her story.

What do you do to make us love your character?