Book Release-The Captain and the Healer


I am always amazed after a new book comes out, that I actually did this! I completed a project! I am so amazed at the whole process. From the initial idea, to the hard work of writing, and then being brave enough to let beta readers see it in its almost raw form to critique it. THANK YOU to my amazing beta readers who didn’t let me get away with lazy writing!
Here she is: Book Baby #4 and Book number 1 in my new series, StarBride Chronicles

Back cover blurb:

With an impending murder charge, Giada must escape Earth before the Amahrian enforcers find her. Desperate, she accepts an offer to be a StarBride to a wealthy governor on another planet. What she didn’t account for was the handsome and irksome pilot whose only thoughts are about profits.

Captain Skyler Rohn can’t go back to Earth; he’s a wanted man, and needs money to prove his innocence. When a job offer comes in that pays handsomely to transport a StarBride, Skyler can’t resist. His ship damaged, Skyler’s only choice is to land on a habitable moon before their oxygen runs out.

If only Giada and Skyler had met before she had agreed to be another man’s wife.

“A sweet romantic tale with adorable characters for people who enjoy reading light space opera.” Katie Teller, author of the Amazon best-selling Kiya Trilogy

Need to know where to get a copy?
Click here.

I hope after you’ve read and liked/loved it, you’ll write a review and say nice things.

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