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I am a writer. I’ve always had a passion it. But I’m more than that. I am is a daughter of Heavenly Father. I am a wife, a mother and grandmother. I was placed here on earth to do something wonderful and that is to do the best I can to return to Him.

Tucson, Arizona is my home town, but I’ve lived most of my life in the Mesa/Gilbert area. Eight children with strong wills and bright minds have blessed my life. Helping me to raise and guide them is my amazing husband. I cannot image my life without him. When I still had most of my children at home, I told him if he died he had to take some of them with him because I couldn’t raise them alone.

As an English teacher, I have found the joy and power in words. Through teaching about literature I have developed a great love for the English language. I spent 13 years in the high school classroom and loved most of it. I discovered gardening last year (on a very limited basis). We grew some tomatoes, bell peppers, egg plant and watermelon. Of those four our watermelon thrived and covered half of the front yard. This year I’ve attempted even more. Hopefully, it will be as successful. I love to sing, although not always on key, but I do love it.

You can find me buried in a book when I’m not writing or gardening. If you asked me what my favorite genre is, I’d have to say yes, except for horror and steamy romance. I’m not wild about a straight romance story as it is, I certainly don’t want to have to cover my eyes. Over all, I just love a good story!

And I’m a Mormon!

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I saw your article in the newspaper about your book and how you work with ANWA. i was wondering if you can tell me more about ANWA. Like you I am a writer I love to writing. I have been writing ever since I was a little girl. As I have been growing up I written lot if stories. I heard wanted to publish by book but never seem that my book it not right. When I saw your article about ANWA I thought they might help me.
    Heather Conover
    P.s Your book look fun to read I will promise to read it and tell you what I think.

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