March 20, 2021

My Writer's Journey-the continuing saga

I truly love my Heavenly Father, but sometimes I get kind of snarky with Him. Like the time I drove around for almost a half hour looking for an open place to park, and I said, "Father, if you want me to be here, then you better find me a parking space."
One opened up immediately.
Things like this happen to me all the time. "Father, I can't find my keys. I know you know where they're at, could you just show me?"
And Voila, there they are.
That is true evidence that He hears me and is in the details of my life. 
Recently someone said something unkind to me about my writing journey. I knew this person was coming from a place of pain, and the words most likely weren't meant the way I'd heard them. I realized Father would want me to offer the same kind of grace that He offers me. Nevertheless, the words still left me hurting.
I took my pain to the Him and told him I wanted to quit writing.
I heard Him say to me, "I have not given you this talent to bury under a bushel."
I asked, "Then what do you want me to do with this talent."
I then received a clear impression of what I need to do. I'm not quite ready to share that plan with you, but it's going to be great when I do all that He gave me to do. It's overwhelming, and getting started is the hardest part. But I am on the next step in my writer's journey.
How has God led you through your journey?


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