The Magic of “What if…”


Today I played a game with myself! I’ve been working on an idea that has great potential, but I couldn’t get past one particular scene. (I’m still in the outline/plotting step). I just started typing all kinds of scenarios.

What if Sienna’s brother never comes out of his coma?
What if the doctor messes up the experiment?
What if Sienna gets trapped in an endless world of gray?
What if Sienna’s brother’s guilt won’t allow him to come out of his coma because he can’t face the consequences?
What if Sienna’s gratitude is the key to healing?

You get the picture.

One thing led to another and all of a sudden I have most of the book outlined!
How cool is that? So play the “What if…” game and see where it leads you, your character, your plot, your story.

The only rule to the game is that if it enters your brain, write it down. You never know where one dumb idea can lead you. You can always delete and modify. Your brain knows where the story needs to go, so let go with “What if…”

I’m excited to get started on my next novel project.