Back in the Saddle (Unicorn Style)


I’m writing again. It’s been a long dry spell! The end of my fantasy book just wasn’t working. I rewrote it at least a dozen times and nothing ever seemed right. So I’d delete pages and pages, probably enough words that I could have written an entire novel with what I’d scrapped!

But finally, after working backward and forward I finally finished the end of Mystic’s Tale! The problem? The Mystic’s final words were “He’s in Mystic’s Realm.” Mystic’s Realm? Really? You mean there’s another book in the series? That was a cool discovery! Love those kind of AHA!s when I’m writing.

Now it’s time for revisions and then off to some beta readers. If you’d like to be a first time reader and critiquer of this urban fantasy novel, raise your hand and say, “ME!” Oh, wait, I won’t be able to see your hand raised. Send me a message: authorbetsylove at gmail dot com

So what’s the book about? Picture this: A girl, a dragon, a destiny, if she can just get through high school.

This is the closest picture I could find. My girl is actually older and her baby dragon can’t fly yet. Can’t wait to publish it!