The Penny Project-October is Anti-Bullying Month


Have you ever wondered why bullying is so rampant? Me, too. I see so many acts of inhumanity and my heart aches for my earthly brothers and sisters all over the world. I know that I cannot make a huge difference in the world. We were never meant to change the world by ourselves. However, “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

In life we are given a multitude of choices. Each day we are presented with choices. Each day we can either go about our merry way and ignore the suffering around us. Or in our small way, quietly make change around us.

Which leads me to “THE PENNY PROJECT”

While I admit the book, The Penny Project is pretty awesome, I have a deep purpose in writing this story. In my small way, I want to “be the change.”

Penelope is just a girl. A girl who is not pretty, she’s not skinny like the other girls and by all appearances she’s not even very smart. How would you treat a girl like this? The kids at her school were not kind to her, in fact they are mean to her. But if they could look closer at her, look past the parts of her that might not be “acceptable,” they’d find a most incredible human being.

THE PENNY PROJECT is something I see going viral, much like the ALS bucket challenge.

Here’s how it works. Put a jar or some other container where you can see it often. For every act of kindness you render put a penny in the jar.

It’s just a penny, hardly worth anything, right? Think again. You might have done as little as bring a smile to a face. You might have created a bright spot in his/her day. Or that one small act of kindness may have been the difference in his/her life. You might have given them a reason to get out of bed one more time. Never underestimate the power of kindness.

After you have put pennies in your container, see if you can break your own record for acts of kindness. Fill your jar as fast as you can.

How fast can you fill your jar?

Can you fill an even bigger jar? Why stop at pennies? Why not nickles, dimes, quarters? What if the kindness you did for someone was even bigger. What if it deserved a dollar? Would you put that in, too?

Once you have filled your jar, no matter how small, donate it to a charity of your choice. Please find one that will utilize all of the money and not just a percentage. I know there are some charities that spend up to 75% on administrative costs. Find one where you know it will ALL go to help those in need.

I have one small favor to ask in return, please tell us about it. Let us know what you have done to make a difference. Be an inspiration to others.

Let’s make this go viral!