My Newest Book-The Penny Project


I am so excited to announce the Kindle release of my newest book, The Penny Project. Inspired by a true story and real person I know, I had to write this story. I had to make a difference in the world of the teens I work with. You can purchase it here.

What’s it about? Here’s the blurb from the back cover:
As the prospective valedictorian, wide receiver and favored tenor in show choir, Jake knows he’s at the top of his game. He sets his sights on Lexi, the sweetest and hottest girl at Palmdale High and can’t miss.
However, racing to class one morning, he plows into Penelope, the overweight new girl. Books and papers fly everywhere. He helps her with her things, even holds her hand so she can stand up.
Someone snaps a picture and sends the text all over school. Egged on by his friends and desperate to squash any rumors before Lexi gets back from Mexico, he pulls a juvenile prank. NOT his brightest idea. As punishment he must tutor Penelope three days a week. Her grade is now his grade. He sees his chance at a full ride scholarship disappearing faster than a missed field goal. And to make matters worse, Lexi sides with Penelope.

And here’s a great review already by Laura Bastian:
“I loved this book. Jake is an all around great guy who gets himself in a pickle when his friends (though I do wonder why he considers them friends after what they put him through) catch him helping up a girl no one likes. He’s teased and tormented about dating the “dog”. And while I don’t agree with what Jake does to stop the rumors of him liking this girl, it seemed so real to life I could understand his motivations.

Penny or Penelope is new to the school, and just doesn’t fit in. We learn later she’s had some health issues that have resulted in a completely different girl than she may have been on the outside, but inside she’s amazing and sweet and funny and oh I loved her.
I laughed and cried and learned a lot from this book. Great story.”