What You Want Most


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend ANWA (American Night Writers Association) Writing Conference. The classes were great–I learned something new from each, but what made this particular conference so amazing is that I attended a very special class called “The Importance of Eggs Benedict to your Career as an Author” given by James Owen, the author of Here There be Dragons series. Now I’ve heard James speak before and he’s wonderful. Little did I know that the words he would give to me would be exactly what I needed to hear just before my pitch session with Chris Schoelinger of Shadow Mountain.

You may ask, “What does Eggs Benedict ¬†have to do with pitching?” You’d be surprised. James told of his passion for Eggs Benedict and always asks about them whenever he travels. The best answer he ever got was from someone who proclaimed his Eggs Benedict were the best ever made.

So how does this relate to writing. The secret to success in your career as a writer is to believe in your product. Sell your work, sell yourself as an author. This is something I know, something I believe. But the question is, have I lived it? No. Sadly I have not.

Which brings me to the second most profound thing James said that day–and I heard it three times. “Never, ever sacrifice what you want the most for something you want right now.” I got to thinking about the things I have sacrificed because of fear, because of what I thought were needs. This really didn’t even sink in until I came home and told my dear husband about the conference and what James said. I want to write for the national market. That’s one of the things I’ve always wanted. All last night I kept thinking how I’d love to go to a really big writing conference in May. But I justified that I shouldn’t go because it would cost so much money, that I wouldn’t get to spend Mother’s Day at home–You get the picture. I voiced those things to my husband and he said, “Are you sacrificing what you want most?” I was. I love that man! He said, “We’ll just stop buying ice cream and tighten our belts so that you can go.” Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

What do you want most? How are you going to make that your priority?

You can find out more about James Artemis Owen.