Good-bye 2012, Hello 2013


It was an interesting year to say the least. Lots of changes, some great, some not so great, and others down right stinky! But as my brilliant friend Peter Hill says, “If you are depressed, you’re living in the past, if you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. If you’re happy, you’re living in the present.” Some days I feel a little of each. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to feel those emotions–past, future, and present. What’s not healthy is dwelling in the past and worrying to much about the future. The key to a rich and full life is to find joy now. To look around and see things in your life to be grateful for. Even though last year was really difficult and challenging and I do not want to go back and dwell on them, I do look at all of the positive things to come out of 2012. I had my second book published, I landed a job, and I finished writing and revising another book. All of this carries with me into 2013. The bad stuff I’m leaving behind in the past where it belongs!

As for the future, I really can’t control much of that. I can plan for it, anticipate it and look forward to it. But I refuse to let it rob me of my happiness.
What that means is I’ve set some goals. I even posted them on facebook. BUT…already here it is the second week of the year and already I’m having to revamp my goals. Does that make me a bit anxious? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. But the opportunities for growth are incredible. I still plan to write! My goal and it continues to be my desire to write 100 words per day. I know that’s not a lot, but once I get started I often find it difficult to stop at 100 words. So far this year, I’ve written over 11,000 words.

However this week is not faring as well. I’ve been “robbed” of my writing time. I say that totally tongue in cheek. Sometimes more loftier things happen, things that God needs you to do right now. And that’s totally okay! Tomorrow is a new day to begin again and to sit down and write. It’s only 100 words after all.

So what goals have you set? Have you already had to revamp?
Just remember it’s really okay to revise at any point in your life. Remember, the future is wide open before you. Don’t be anxious about it, just keep plowing forward a little each day!